Vietnam Veterans of America

Membership in Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. is open to Vietnam Era Veterans
Associate Members of the Public at Large


Name_____________________________________ Phone________________________

Present Address________________________________ City_______________________

State___________ Zip_________ Branch of Service______________ Date of Birth______

$20.00 Annual Dues Enclosed______

Copy of DD-214 Enclosed_________

___ I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and would like to join the Vietnam Veterans of America. (Copy of DD-214 or other proof of service enclosed)

___ I am not a Vietnam Era Veteran, but would like to join the Associates of  The Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA).

I want to give more. Enclosed is my check for $20.00___ $50.00___ Other_____

New Member____

Renewal_________ Membership Card No.__________________ Today's Date_________


Return this form to:

Vietnam Veterans of America, Oakland County Chapter #133
74 East New York Street
Pontiac, Michigan 48340

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